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Lori’s Side of the Story - I was brunching with friends at my favorite spot in Manhattan when this ultra prep in a white polo and Nantucket red shorts walked in. He introduced himself and I was certain his name started with a D but wasn’t certain of much else. Later in the day, we chatted, and exchanged names again. Him, something with a D. Me, Nebraska. We exchanged numbers and met up later that night for dinner. I can’t recall much about dinner. I just remember a feeling of being completely connected to a person. Everything else disappeared including our two friends eating with us. Well the dinner led to drinks, which led to a year and a half of long distance dating and a move across the country to San Francisco. Deaglan proposed on my birthday, April 10th, in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. Shortly after we moved back East and are now happily living in the Beehive of Brooklyn. In true Deaglan fashion, the infamous Nantucket red shorts are still in the mix.

Deaglan’s Version of Events – I basically held myself to be something that I wasn’t. Employed. Sure I was making hundreds of dollars a year as a rower, but I wanted to make a great impression. I had the helping of some pretty heavy hitters to make that first impression at Bondi a memorable one, but even still, I don’t think she liked me that much. It wasn’t until I broke the three – twenty three day waiting period that is pretty standard here in NYC  to ask if she’d seen my credit card. By that point she could almost pronounce my name correctly. I knew I had her. I simply had to show Princeton, NJ (where I was living on an aero bed and rowing 3 times a day) in the best light possible. Easy. First things first I got stuck out on the water and was 30 mins late to our date. Luckily she had a friend who told her to stick it out, and by stick it I obviously mean leave five minutes into waiting.  She stayed. We went to the IVY, sang some karaoke and the rest is history. Fast forward to, Oklahoma City, San Francisco and now Brooklyn. We’ve seen America together, and a few spots international as well.  I couldn’t imagine a better traveling companion as we’ve taken on adventures large and small.